How could you not have seen the terrible reports of the Somerset Levels in full flood earlier this year.

You may also remember photos of HRH Prince Charles visiting the area to offer his support and encouragement. The boat used to transport the Royal entourage across the flood waters, and which was also in constant use to supply food and other essentials to the residents, was manufactured by a local company, Joshua Preston Marine Engineering.

Josh has been licensed by Bruce Roberts Europe B.V. to manufacture their aluminium Landing Craft vessels. Already they have received wide support and are being used by rescue services, the Wheelyboat Trust, sporting organisations, commercial and government organisations.

The Wheelyboat Trust

There are a wide range of sizes and designs available and they can be made to order with options of engines, cabins, decks, seating and fittings.

These vessels are made to the highest possible standards, using only the best quality materials and expertly engineered.

Boatshed Plymouth are pleased to be able to assist in the marketing of these aluminium craft and would welcome all enquiries. Currently we are in the process of quoting for a craft to be shipped to the Djibouti/Yemen area for use in the commercial oil and diving industries.

Call Stephen on 01752 426106 or 07791 793910 for all enquiries.